Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Austin--Depression, Anxiety & Anger IPhone Apps

Having trouble dealing with depression, anxiety, and/or anger? ICounselor for your IPhone can help.

These apps were written by a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of counseling experience.

They have simple directions:

1. Rate the level of your emotion on a color coded scale of 0 to 10.

2. Select one of ten different calming activities to perform.

3. Select 1 of 10 ways to change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts in order to change your feelings is the basis of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, the most widely practiced evidence based form of psychotherapy.

4. Select one type of solution for the problem that triggered your anger

The content of these apps are for your information only. It is not a substitute for professional counseling or medical advice.

Check these apps out

If you're needing help with depression, anxiety or anger, you can reach me at 512-795-0402. I am located at 5808 Balcones Dr., Austin, Texas, 78731

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We're Moving

Beginning 1/31/11 Mariposa Psychotherapy Services and Carolyn C. Martin, M.S., L.P.C., L.M.F.T. will be moving to a new wonderful office. The new address will be 5808 Balcones Dr. Suite 101, Austin, Texas, 78731.

The new office will be larger and therefore we will be able to expand our services. As the new office evolves, I will be posting updates.