Monday, October 20, 2008

Planning vs. Winging It

In an effort to do some preparing for my birthday celebration, I now have 3 more places to add to my list of backup plans: Ruidoso, New Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Santa Barbara, California, and, of course, Paris was already on the list. But I still haven't given up on Kauai, Hawaii and Costa Rica.

My husband keeps asking me when I'm going to make a decision. Odd! He's the spontaneous one. I've decided I'm going to "maybe" make a decision on Nov. 27th, Thanksgiving Day.

Why is that some of the most special moments in life, are completely unplanned and are just stubbled upon? And could some inventor out there come up with a way to bottle those moments. Pictures, if taken at those times, can help. But what about the moments we can't photograph? And could this inventor also figure out how to share those moments fully with people who weren't there?

Oh!, "head slap," Serendipity (An unsought, unintended, or unexpected discovery, made by accident and sagacity; The discovery of something by accident while investigating something quite different)and ephemeral (things that are transitory, existing only briefly)are the very essense of and is what makes these moments special. I guess if we could truly capture these moments in all their entirety, they would lose their specialness.

Being fully awake and present prepares us to fully appreciate special moments when they come around. Carolyn C. Martin

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Evolving 60th Year

It's been an interesting last few days with the economic crisis. How I will be celebrating my 60th birthday will be effected. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that I haven't planned anything yet. What life-changing experience will I go through because things may shift so dramatically in the coming months?

I believe no matter what may come, I will grow from it. I believe we all will learn and grow a great deal from the coming months.

There is an element of opportunity in every crisis.
Carolyn C. Martin